On the morning of March 21 , Gu Hongtao, secretary of the party group and president of the District Council for the Promotion of International Trade, led a team to the company to investigate the development of the company. Foreign trade manager Zhou Xiuli and other participants participated in
2023/03/21 13:31
Video "Huifeng Mulan's Most Beautiful Smile" A group photo of female role models most beautiful moment
2023/03/11 08:38
On March 10, Zhang Yong, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the party group of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, and his party went to the company to investigate the production and operation of the company and the
2023/03/10 13:19
The reason is that the transmission shaft needs to bear the torque stress and the hollow setting in the working process, which will increase the transmission performance and have no effect on the use of the transmission shaft. The transmission shaft is an important device for vehicle power
2023/02/24 11:54
The vibration of the drive shaft has many hazards, such as noise, reduced transmission efficiency, loose fit, and even broken parts, resulting in accidents. Due to the high rotational speed of the drive shaft, its rotation time changes. When it is unbalanced, it produces large centrifugal forces of
2023/02/21 10:24
A universal joint cross shaft is produced in accordance with the standard requirements, and product patterns and technical documents are manufactured according to national standards. 2 Material: The cross shaft is made of low-carbon alloy steel, such as 20CrMnTi, 20Cr, 20MnVB, etc., according to
2023/02/15 10:59
The causes of drive shaft imbalance are as follows: 1. The balance block on the drive shaft falls off, causing the drive shaft to be unbalanced; Solution: Check the balance weight on the drive shaft and replace it; 2. The drive shaft is bent or the drive shaft tube is sunken, causing the drive
2023/02/09 10:22
 Automobile transmission shaft is mainly composed of shaft tube, telescopic sleeve and universal joint. Among them, the telescopic sleeve can automatically adjust the change of the distance between the gearbox and the drive axle. The universal joint is to ensure the angle change between the output
2023/02/01 13:41