Joint bevel gears and worm gears are two common gear types in mechanical transmission systems. They are very different in structure and working principle. The characteristics and differences of these two gears will be introduced in detail below. Structural conjoined bevel gears are composed of two
2023/11/25 14:19
When purchasing conjoined bevel gears, reliable quality is a very important consideration. Here are some suggestions for purchasing conjoined bevel gears to ensure reliable quality: Consider brand reputation: choose conjoined bevel gears of well-known brands. These brands usually have long-term
2023/08/02 15:51
In July 2023 , the " output gear shaft " product produced by our company won the high-quality forging award at the China International Metal Forming Exhibition hosted by the China Forging Association . The companies selected this time have relatively strong technical strength. After layers of
2023/07/24 14:53
On the morning of July 22, Huifeng held the work summary and commendation conference for the first half of 2023. It summarized and reviewed the achievements in the first half of the year, commended advanced collectives and individuals, and further mobilized all employees to boost their work spirit
2023/07/22 18:56
As a key component, conjoined bevel gears are widely used in the field of mining machinery. It has the advantages of wear resistance, high strength and long life, and can improve the working efficiency and stability of mining machinery. This article will analyze the structure, advantages,
2023/06/09 16:56
In order to thoroughly publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on production safety, strengthen the awareness of responsibility for production safety , improve the
2023/06/02 17:36
1 ♫ " Dig and dig and dig in the little garden Sow a little seed, make a little flower " ♫ Let's be together in Huifeng's garden dig up! ♫ Dig and dig and dig in the field of high-end equipment Use small parts to be an expert in the
2023/06/02 17:28