Huifeng Transmission held the Spring Festival mobilization meeting

2023/01/30 08:19

      On the morning of January 28th, the first day of work, in order to make all work win on the starting line, the company organized middle and senior management personnel to hold a New Year mobilization meeting, and Ren Qihua, chairman of the company, attended the meeting And delivered a mobilization speech.


       Ren Qihua first expressed his gratitude to colleagues who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival, and at the same time hoped that everyone would establish a spirit of dedication, dedication, and forge ahead, and maintain a good state of passion, unity and harmony , work hard and achieve a good start to work.

DSC_0157_副本.jpgThe heads of the companies and departments under each ownership made statements and mobilized speeches respectively


The road is obstructed and long, but if you walk, it will come. If you walk without stopping, the future can be expected. I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, we will definitely get better and better in 2023!