The composition of the car drive shaft

2022/12/05 09:34

The car transmission shaft structure consists of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint. The combination of universal joint and transmission shaft is called universal joint transmission.

shaft tube

1. In order to reduce the friction and wear when the shaft moves, it is used the same as the bearing, and the cost is lower, but the friction resistance is relatively large, so it is only suitable for some parts;

2. The shaft sleeve is mostly placed in the shaft and bearing structure, and is very close to the bearing structure, only the shaft can rotate on the shaft sleeve;

3. When assembling the shaft and the sleeve, lubricant will be added between the two to reduce the friction generated when it rotates.

telescopic sleeve

1. Changes in the distance between the transmission and the drive axle;

2. The new type of transmission shaft welds the spline sleeve and the transmission shaft tube into one, and the spline shaft and the flange fork are integrated into one;

3. Change the rectangular tooth spline to a large pressure angle involute short tooth spline, which not only increases the strength but also facilitates extrusion molding, and meets the needs of large torque conditions;

4. On the tooth surface of the telescopic sleeve and the spline shaft, a layer of nylon material is used as a whole coating, which increases the wear resistance and lubricity, reduces the damage of the impact load to the transmission shaft, and improves the buffering capacity.

universal joint

1. The universal joint is to ensure the angle change between the output shaft of the transmission and the input shaft of the drive axle, and to realize the equal angular speed transmission of the two shafts;

2. The universal joint, that is, the universal joint, is a part of variable-angle power transmission, which is used for the position where the direction of the transmission shaft needs to be changed. It is the universal transmission "joint" part of the car drive system;

3. The universal joint is a part that changes the direction of force transmission. It acts a bit like the limbs and joints of the human body. The angle between the connected parts is allowed to vary within a range. If the wear and deformation are minor, abnormal noise and vibration will occur, and if the deformation is minor, the transmission will be interrupted;

4. The universal joint transmission of the rear drive vehicle adopts double universal joints, that is, there is a universal joint at both ends of the transmission shaft. equal;

The propeller shaft is an important part of power transmission in the car transmission system. Its function is to transmit the power of the engine to the wheels together with the gearbox and drive axle, so that the car can generate driving force.