Maintenance of the drive shaft

2022/11/03 09:16

The transmission shaft is an important part of the power transmission in the automobile transmission system. Its function is to transmit the power of the engine together with the gearbox and the drive axle to the wheels, so that the automobile can generate driving force. _The transmission shaft manufacturer tells you how to maintain the transmission shaft.

The automobile transmission shaft works through the three important components of the shaft tube, the telescopic sleeve and the universal joint, which cooperate with each other. The transmission shaft is the transmission shaft of the general transmission device, which can transmit the power shaft. For the front engine rear wheel drive car, it is the transmission steering final reducer shaft, which can be several parts, and some parts can be connected through the general part, and the general part is the car transmission shaft. The key components responsible for driving and steering the front axle axles and wheels.

In the traditional structure of the transmission shaft telescopic sleeve, the spline sleeve and the flange fork are welded together, and the spline shaft is welded on the transmission shaft tube. The new drive shaft changes the traditional structure, the spline sleeve and the drive shaft tube are welded together, and the spline shaft and the flange fork are integrated. The transmission shaft is provided with a tubular sealing protective sleeve outside the flange spline shaft, and two urethane rubber oil seals are arranged at the end of the protective sleeve.

The service life of the drive shaft is related to personal driving habits and maintenance.

First of all, the drive shaft is not a wearing part, which can usually be divided into the following situations.

1. The front drive shaft cannot be repaired, but can only be replaced. It only needs to be replaced when it is collided or bent. If the ball cage is broken, it can be replaced separately.

2. The problem with the rear drive is mainly the cross shaft and the drive shaft hanger. These can be replaced individually.

3. The drive shaft needs to be replaced when it collides, bends or fails to balance.

If you want the drive shaft to be used for a long time, you need to pay attention to driving habits and daily maintenance. The following points should be noted.

1. It is strictly forbidden to start the car in high gear; lift the clutch pedal violently

2. Overloading and speeding are strictly prohibited

3. The shape of the drive shaft should be checked frequently to see if there is any damage, otherwise it will easily affect the stroke