The correct installation method of the drive shaft

2023/01/04 10:09

 The principle of the drive shaft is that the drive shaft of the car works through three important components, the shaft tube, the telescopic sleeve and the universal joint, which cooperate with each other. The transmission shaft is a rotating body with high speed and few supports, so dynamic balance is very important. Generally, the transmission shaft must undergo a dynamic balance test before leaving the factory and adjust it on a balancing machine. The drive shaft is the shaft that transmits the rotation of the transmission to the final drive for a car with a front-engine rear-wheel drive. The drive shaft can have several sections, and the sections can be connected by universal joints. The transmission shaft assembly is installed between the transmission and the rear axle, and transmits the torque and rotational motion from the transmission to the final drive of the rear axle.

①Apply lubricating grease (No. 2 file base grease or gear oil according to the regulations) on the universal joint bearing, match the oil seal, put it on the cross shaft, and press it into the universal joint yoke, the telescopic sleeve yoke and the front and rear transmission shaft ends respectively. In the fork hole of the flange, install the cover plate and lock ring, fasten and lock.

② Apply lubricating grease to the telescopic sleeve of the transmission shaft, then put the fork on the spline shaft of the rear transmission shaft, and tighten the oil seal cap.

③Connect the flange fork of the front transmission shaft with the flange of the second shaft of the transmission, and install the front transmission shaft on the middle support frame of the transmission shaft. Shaft and the flange fork of the driving gear shaft of the rear axle, tighten the flange fixing bolts and nuts.

④The spline sheath of the transmission shaft and the oil nipple of the cross shaft must be complete.

Remove all dirt and debris from the entire driveshaft assembly, making sure it is completely clean. Apply a small amount of grease to the replacement cap. Insert the bearing cap into the yoke, and replace the bearing cap; 6. Install the universal joint to the cap. Partially inserted into the opposite cover. Align the gimbal and push the cover into place with the press. Insert the clasp. Position the drive shaft. Make sure the yoke is properly aligned with the drive shaft.