Jinan Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Public Service Center brought experts to Huifeng to pass on the treasure

2022/01/12 17:40

On February 23, Jiang Xiuxi, deputy director of Jinan SME Public Service Center, and his party brought experts from all walks of life to the company to implement docking services. Jiang Xia, deputy general manager of the company, Du Xiaoxiao, and Li Zhengxu, secretary of the board of directors, attended the discussion and exchange.

Through visiting the exhibition hall and going deep into the production line, the experts learned in detail about the strategic layout, production and operation, and scientific research of the enterprise, and gave high praise to the achievements made by the enterprise in brand building, talent management, policy interpretation, legal services, intellectual property rights, etc., and conducted face-to-face exchanges and guidance on some key issues.


Director Jiang said that serving enterprises is the mission of the service center, enterprise needs are the responsibility of the center, the public service center and experts will establish long-term cooperative relations with Huifeng, through the service platform to give full play to the advantages of expert think tanks, to help Huifeng in technological innovation, problem solving, talent training and other aspects to achieve more and updated results.