Good news! Huifeng Transmission has received a number of honorary commendations

2022/01/12 17:42

On February 23, the 2022 work mobilization conference of Jinan Gangcheng District was held. The conference commended the award-winning units of the comprehensive assessment of the economic and social development of the whole region in 2021, and encouraged the majority of party members and cadres in the region to learn from the advanced, strive to be advanced, catch up with and surpass the advanced, overcome difficulties, advocate hard work, vigorously grasp the implementation, ensure the completion of the annual goals and tasks, promote high-quality development in an all-round way, accelerate the construction of a modern, high-quality and beautiful steel city, and make due contributions to the construction of a strong provincial capital of socialist modernization in the new era.

Among them, Huifeng Transmission was rated as "Advanced Enterprise for Accelerating the Construction of Industrial Strong Zones in 2021", and Comrades Li Zhengxu, Meng Guo and Ren Qijian were respectively awarded the title of "Advanced Individuals in Accelerating the Construction of Industrial Strong Zones in 2021".


In 2021, Huifeng Transmission seized the opportunity, focused on building a high-end equipment industrial park for the transmission system, unswervingly promoted the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, increased intelligent investment and transformation, through the transformation and upgrading of product technology, a number of independent research and development, high value-added green lightweight products filled the domestic and international gaps, the company has won the national green factory, specialized special new small giant, provincial gazelle, provincial single champion, hidden champion and many other honorary titles.

Yesterday's honor is today's starting point, Huifeng Transmission will take this conference as an opportunity, with more firm confidence, more full of entrepreneurial passion, continue to increase investment in technological innovation and research and development, focus on new energy, lightweight, intelligent, make new contributions to high-quality beautiful steel city, and then create new achievements!